Liquid Carrot is the creation of J. Todd Baker and its message is focused on wellness by means of reducing exposure to toxins and consuming proper nutrition through a primarily raw, plant-based diet. Its primary mission is to inspire and inform its readers in hopes of assisting them in improving the quality of their lives from a holistic standpoint.

Liquid Carrot had been an idea of Todd’s for many, many years. However, it was not published until Todd and his wife, Tricia, did an extended juice feast together starting in August of 2018.

Tricia did a daily YouTube video log of her juice feast which she set a goal of 100 days and successfully completed.

Todd had also set a goal of 100 days but broke his fast on the evening of the 62nd day.

Both of Todd and Tricia’s lives were changed as a result of their extended juice feasts and Liquid Carrot is the perfect platform for them to continue sharing their growth and experience.

About J. Todd Baker

Todd is a Gen-Xer who enjoys family life as a husband and a father of seven wonderful children. In addition to serving as the Chief Editor and Content Director of Liquid Carrot, he is employed full-time as a web develop.

Currently, Todd’s diet is free of refined sugar, gluten, most processed foods, and animal products including all dairy and eggs. He strongly advocates the importance of good nutrition and its healing power, and is a juice feasting enthusiast.

About Tricia Baker

Tricia too is a proud wife and mother who is devoted to overseeing her children’s education as a homeschooling mom.

Tricia, in her post juice feast, is exploring a raw vegan lifestyle. She enjoys mentoring and motivating others on the incredible benefits of juice feasting.

Tricia’s YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Facebook group are growing quickly. With these she finds immense joy in influencing others to make juicing an integral part of their wellness journeys.

So what is the motivation behind Liquid Carrot?

Liquid Carrot is a project of passion for Todd and Tricia which will allow them to focus on creating a lifestyle that supports a complete diet of raw plant-based food.

The vision for Liquid Carrot is to build a community of like-minded individuals to share in the joy of living a raw-vegan lifestyle.

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